2021 Elections: Candidate Interviews

South Central Brooklyn United for Progress is considering endorsing in a number of City Council Races in 2021.  To better serve our members, we have invited a number of candidates from council districts 38, 39, 40, 45, and 48 to fill out our questionnaire and have an interview with us. Look for this page to be constantly updated as questionnaires and interview-videos roll in.   We will be considering endorsements at our January and February meetings.  Please join us.

City Council: District 38

CD38 Questionnaire

Cesar Zuñiga

Cesar Zuñiga Questionnaire

Cesar Zuñiga interview:


Alexa Avilés

Alexa Avilés Questionnaire

Alexa Avilés interview:


Rodrigo Camarena

Rodrigo Camarena Questionnaire 

Rodrigo Camarena interview:
Due to technical difficulties, the first few minutes of our talk were not recorded, including the candidate's self-introduction. We asked the candidate to record his introduction, and this has been inserted at the beginning of the video.


Jacqui Painter

Jacqui Painter Questionnaire

Jacqui Painter interview: 



City Council: District 39

CD39 Questionnaire


Doug Schneider

Doug Schneider Questionnaire

Doug Schneider interview:


Briget Rein

Briget Rein Questionnaire

Briget Rein interview:


Justin Krebs

Justin Krebs Questionnaire

Justin Krebs interview:


Brandon West

Brandon West Questionnaire

Brandon West interview:


Shahana Hanif 

Shahana Hanif questionnaire

Shahana Hanif interview:


City Council: District 40

CD40 Questionnaire


Vivia Morgan

Vivia Morgan Questionnaire

Vivia Morgan interview:


Edwin Raymond

Edwin Raymond Questionnaire

Edwin Raymond video:


Cecilia Cortez

Cecilia Cortez Questionnaire

Cecilia Cortez interview:

Harriet Hines

Harriet Hines Questionnaire

Harriet Hines interview:


Rita Joseph

Rita Joseph Questionnaire

Rita Joseph interview:


Blake Morris

Blake Morris Questionnaire

Blake Morris interview:


Kenya Handy-Hilliard

Kenya Hilliard Questionnaire

Kenya Handy-Hilliard interview:


Josue Pierre

Josue Pierre Questionnaire

Josue Pierre interview:


City Council: District 45

CD45 Questionnaire

Anthony Beckford

Anthony Beckford Questionnaire

Anthony Beckford interview:


Cyril Joseph

Cyril Joseph Questionnaire

Cyril Joseph interview:


Farah Louis (incumbent)

Farah Louis Questionniare

Farah Louis interview:


City Council: District 48

CD48 Questionnaire

Boris Noble

Boris Noble Questionnaire

Boris Noble Interview:


Mariya Markh

Mariya Markh has declined to sit for an interview but has returned her questioinnaire: 

Mariya Markh Questionnaire 


Amber Adler

Amber Adler Questionnaire

Amber Adler Interview:











2020 Endorsement Information

In 2020, for the first time in its history, South Central Brooklyn United for Progress made political endorsements.  We endorsed three candidates: Julio Peña III, Genesis Aquino, and Andrew Gounardes.  We organized a number of petitioning events and phone banks for these candidates.  Congratulations to the endorsed and thank you to those who participated.  

Assembly: District 51

AD51 QuestionnaireFiles6

Katherine Walsh

Felix Ortiz (No questionnaire received)

Marcela Mitaynes

Genesis Aquino

Male District Leader / State Committee Member: District 51

District Leader Questionnaire

Felix Ortiz (No questionnaire received)

Julio Peña III