2022 Elections

2022 Elections: Candidate Quetionnaires Interviews

South Central Brooklyn United for Progress is considering endorsing in a number of races in 2022: State Senate in districts 21 and 26, Democratic District Leader in ADs 46 and 51.  To better serve our members, we have invited a number of candidates for state senate from district 21 and district 26 assembly from district 46, for district leader from districts 46 and 51 to fill out our questionnaire and have an interview with us. Look for this page to be constantly updated as questionnaires and interview-videos roll in.   We will be considering endorsements at our February and March meetings.  Please join us.

State Senate: District 21

State Senate District 21 Questionnaire

David Alexis

David Alexis Questionnaire

Kaegan Mays-Williams (endorsed)

Kaegan Mays-Williams Questionnaire

Kevin Parker (incumbent)

Kevin Parker Questionnaire



State Senate: Distrct 26

Andrew Gounardes (incumbent)

Andrew Gounardes Questionnaire

David Yassky

David Yassky Questionnaire

Assembly: District 46

Mathylde Frontus (incumbent, endorsed)

Mathylde Frontus Questionnaire

District Leader: Assembly District 46

DL AD46 Questionnaire

Angela Kravtchenko (endorsed)

Angela Kravtchenko Questionnaire

Noah Weston

Noah Weston Questionnaire

District Leader: Assembly District 51

Jacqui Painter (endorsed)

Jacqui Painter Questionnaire

Julio Peña III (incumbent, endorsed)

Julio Peña III Questionnaire

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