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The New York Health Act would cover every resident in NY State for all medically necessary care, including doctor visits, hospitalization, medications reproductive care, vision and dental services, and long-term and home health care. There would be no premiums, deductibles, or co-pays. It would be paid for by a graduated tax that would amount to less than what individuals and businesses already pay for health care for over 90% of the population. Although the bill passed the Assembly for the fourth time in 2018, the Republican-controlled Senate refused to bring it out of committee. NYSD17 for Progress has supported the NYHA since the group’s earliest days.

Town hall in Borough Park - March 2018 


Forum on Costs and Benefits of NYHA - March 2019 (See the video and slideshow in the Resources Library.)


With affordable housing in New York City in crisis, the 2019 State legislature considers nine different bills to address the expiration of New York’s rent laws.

February 2019 Advocacy Topic (See the video in the Resources Library.)

Voting Reform/Ranked Choice Voting

April 2019 Advocacy Topic (See the video in the Resources Library.)

School Safety and Pedestrian Safety

Petition against guns in schools 2018 - Letter - Press Release

Work bringing attention to the ending of speed cameras 2018

March for Our Lives


Justice for Survivors of Abuse 

Getting Out the Vote

Immigrant rights 

Civil Rights

March 4 Racial Justice


July 2018 rally




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