Our Mission Statement

South Central Brooklyn United for Progress is a grassroots group of individuals who live, work and attend school in South Central Brooklyn. We were founded in early 2017, recognizing that there are needs within our neighborhoods that are not being met and diverse and underrepresented voices that deserve amplification. We advocate for transparent communication by elected officials, who must be held accountable to all of their constituents, regardless of voter eligibility. We promote progressive policies and legislation that will improve the lives of all South Central Brooklyn residents.

We  achieve these goals by:

  • monitoring the positions and voting records of our elected officials,
  • fostering dialogue between constituents and representatives,
  • educating constituents about local and state issues,
  • supporting legislation that benefits residents, and
  • registering voters.

Our goals are also achieved through meaningful partnerships with other local organizations and allies working in our neighborhoods who allow us to listen, learn, and build on their efforts.